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tampa environmental services tampa environmental services tampa environmental services
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Beverly Birkitt and Abbey Naylor presenting at the 29th Annual Environmental Permitting summer School in Orlando July 7-10, 2015

Join Beverly and panel as they discuss Practical Considerations in Environmental Mitigation and Mitigation Banking - Course DDD1 & DDD2. "Exciting updated course! Emphasis on development and use of mitigation banks including evaluation of mitigation banking opportunities and challenges. Case studies, legal considerations, and "hot topics" on mitigation banking will be discussed. When on-site mitigation can or should still be considered. Practical considerations in mitigation selection including economics, liability, and opportunities. Provides current federal and state guidance and recent experiences in permitting and use of mitigation banks and permitee-responsible mitigation. Use of mitigation banks will also be addressed. Always something new!"

Join abbey and panel as they discuss Strategic Planning and Permitting for Development - Course T. "Practical and informative course designed to address strategies for obtaining environmental and growth management approvals for land development projects under Florida's laws and agency practices; consideration of effects of emerging policies of the new administration with respect to growth management; consideration of effects of recent legislation and administrative actions taken by the executive branch; discussion of successful approaches to processing and obtaining environmental permits from regulatory agencies, determinations of when to obtain the required permits and in what order, and the level of specificity and procedural requirements of each agency; role of sector planning; also covers tracking and managing agency activities for compliance with permit conditions, gaining the respect of regulatory agencies, and avoiding costly enforcement litigation; audience participation encouraged."



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